India Gate, New Delhi

Rawzor Photo

Rawzor Photo uses lossless image compression to compress camera raw images by 20% to 60%, with ZERO loss in image quality or meta-information.

Rawzor Render Farm

Rawzor Render Farm runs hundreds of servers for automated and managed rendering of complex Blender, LuxRender and Yafaray models at a low price based on use.

Custom Solutions and Services

Our team loves to help design, develop and test software where our expertise can make a difference, at very low cost as we are based in New Delhi, India.

Download Rawzor
(For Windows, Free Beta v0.47)
Or download rawzor for mac osx
Price: $0.05 per GHz per Hour
Available capacity: 850 servers, 8 x 2.5 GHz cores each
Rates: $19/hour to $96/hour
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Image Compression Benchmark - Results for lossless and lossy image compression on a carefully chosen set of high-resolution high-precision test images (using Jpeg, Jpeg-LS, Jpeg2000 and Jpeg-XR).

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